how often should you use your gua sha tool? (Updated May 2021)

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Gua sha is a great tool to have in your at-home natural skincare toolbox. In fact, I use it almost everyday at home and at the acupuncture clinic. However, what good is a tool if you don’t know the best practices for using it? And maybe that has been your experience with gua sha. Wondering how to get the results you want without it just becoming another beauty casualty sitting in your bathroom drawer.

Don’t worry! I won't let that happen to you! Gua sha is too good to forget about. But, like any new thing, it takes a little bit of practice to get comfortable and for best results, consistency. Make it a habit! Your body will thank you every time. Here's some incentive to consistency though! The laundry list of benefits associated with gua sha and facial massage is long and very exciting!

I am an Acupuncturist (which means I’m a nerd ;) but beyond that, it means I studied gua sha and regularly saw its amazing ways in action. So naturally as an acupuncturist I look to gua sha and massage as a regular remedy as I've become accustomed to thinking about it. Gua sha is my go-to remedy when I feel a cold coming on, have a stiff neck or notice my skin is looking dull or puffy. So even if you're not an acupuncturist or aesthetician, that is fine! Because you don't need to be one to see benefits. 

Here's what you can do at-home to get a great Gua Sha routine and see R E S U L T S:

  • Get in the habit of reaching for your tool. Gua sha yields the best results when it becomes a habit. It’s not going to be an injection of botox, but it can yield amazing benefits when used regularly for skincare. 
  • Best done daily for even just a few minutes. Or use at least 3 times a week. 
    • Do it at anytime you have time! Keep in mind that your skin could appear a little flushed for a few minutes after gua sha, so take that into mind when you are deciding when to do your routine. It is really a personal preference when you do it in your daily routine. 
    • Keep your gua sha tool in a convenient place. I keep mine on my bathroom counter right next to my facial oil. Out of sight, out of mind, so keep it handy! Think counter-top, purse, glove compartment...
    • Always use a facial oil with your gua sha tool (and a facial roller). I apply a couple spritzes of a plant hydrosol to nourish the skin followed by my favorite oil then do my gua sha routine. The photo above is the before and after of a 24 day gua sha challenge I did for myself. I kept my routine under 10 minutes for 24 days straight. It takes 21 days to make a habit, so try giving yourself a challenge and see the results!
      • Apply gentle pressure moving the tool from the midline of the face outward to the jaw. The lymph in our face responds to gentle pressure, so less is more when focusing on de-puffing and sculpting. Less is more, more often.
      • Wipe your skin clean after your routine. After completing your routine try wiping your face with a warm towel to cleanse the skin. Gua sha and facial massage invigorates the skin and can hep pull-out toxins. I suggest cleaning the skin before applying your moisturizer, make-up and sunscreen for the day. 
      • Facial massage works too! If you don't have a gua sha tool or it's not convenient, try using your hands and fingers to mimic the movements you do in your gua sha routine. Massage has been a healing modality for thousands of years, but somehow we don't use it readily. If I am having a particularly tiring or trying day I will do a few moments of facial massage to help me relax and reinvigorate. Our bodies love movement, like exercise and massage, and they help us access health and at any moment. 

      I hope you enjoy my tips for getting into a gua sha routine that yields the best results. Gua sha has been such a powerful tool for my skincare and facial rejuvenation as well as for overall body health.

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      If you're curious about finding a routine to address particular needs or how to use gua sha beyond facial care I also offer personal gua sha consultations. I have helped many people address lymphatic drainage, puffy or sagging skin, Bell's Palsy, eye fatigue, colds and coughs, allergies, the list goes in!

      Thanks for reading!

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