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dresden holden body wellness, best acupuncturist in santa barbara, women's health, fertility, faborm, iui, ivf, pregnancy support, postpartum, herbs, moxa, menopause, perimenopause, hormone changes, hot flashes, migraines, anxiety, sleep Sometimes being in a female body feels like a wild ride. At best, our endocrine system is a symphony, and at its worst its can feel like a cacophony. 

Whether you're in the first puberty and the coming into our womanhood, or in the flow of fertility years or rounding the corner to the second puberty (yes, that's what it is) of perimenopause and menopause acupuncture and herbs can be a trusted ally. 

In our younger years we may not understand why our cycles are irregular, but often the only remedy our western doctor is oral contraceptive pills to "regulate hormones." However, this is a prime time to begin balancing the hormones naturally. 

The reproductive years, perimenopause and menopause all carry with them their own signs, symptoms and sometimes challenges. Having a practitioner there to help you decipher and understand underlying issues or imbalances is hugely helpful. 

The work done to balance naturally continues as we get older and our hormones begin to shift. Acupuncture, herbs, and body care are holistic forms of medicine that are unique to each person to support them through any stage or transition with grace and wholeness. 

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