acupuncture FAQs

what are you doing to make this space safe for Bipoc, asian, LGTBQIA and disabled community members?

All are welcome in this space and in our office at Points of Health in Santa Barbara, CA. We are working to create a safe and inclusive space for personal transformation and physical body work. We are humbled to be practitioners of traditional medicine and honor where it came from (traditionally as well as through our teachers, both within TCM and outside of this body or work). If anyone sees a blindspot within our procedures we are open to feedback and will course correct. If anyone is hindered by the cost of treatment please inquire about angel payments. In addition, if community members would like to make a donation to our angel fund to increase accessibility to all please contact us. We thank you for being here.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the use of very small sterilized stainless steel filiform needles to manipulate energy in the meridian system that runs through the musculature. There are many types of acupuncture that have been developed over thousands of years. Some more subtle than others. I, Dresden, utilize both subtle energetic acupuncture when treating things like women's health, fertility, postpartum recovery, digestive issues and recovery (this is a short list among lots of other things). I incorporate a more sensantional form of trigger point / motor point acupuncture when treating orthopedic pain and sports medicine cases. Each treatment and acupuncture style is tailored to meet the patient's particular needs on that day.

What is the first appointment like and how will i feel afterward?

The initial treatment is an hour and a half where we will discuss your current symptoms, health history and go over any lab work you may have. Then you will have your first treatment. Following the treatment, depending on how you respond, we will discuss a projected treatment plan to reach your health goals. Patients report feeling normal, or at times tired, after treatments. After othopedic acupuncture the body can feel sore like it worked out for a day or so after a treatment, followed by relief. It is best to refrain from intense exercise after orthopedic acupuncture. (Don't worry, if you're wondering if you'll know if you're getting "orthopedic acupuncture" I'll let you know ;)

Do you take insurance?

We don't take insurance, but we can give you a coded receipt that will have all of the information you will need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

why would i see an acupuncturist?

Many patients begin acupuncture treatment to find relief from a wide range of conditions. Patients often show-up at the clinic when their doctor has not been successful in treating their condition. Patients also seek acupuncture for orthopedic needs when they are trying to control pain, sidestep harsh medications, prevent surgery or are in post-surgery recovery. We have been wildly successful in pain relief in these cases. In addition, many seek treatment outside of manifesting ailments to maximize wellness, maintain balance and work in the space of prevention. Acupuncture is a powerful tool to cultivate vitality and to stimulate the natural healing power of the body.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments needed to reach your health goals varies. Factors such as severity and if the ailment is acute or chronic play a role in treatment plan length. Generally, it is best to get 4 treatments within the first two weeks of acupuncture treatment to get a jumpstart on improvement. It is often the case 6 sessions is effective for acute ailments and 8-10 sessions for more chronic. As symptoms begin to shift treatments can be spaced in larger intervals. Monthly tune-up sessions is a great ongoing practice to promote balance and prevent illness.

how can I work with you if i don't live in California?

Virtual work via herbal and lifestyle consultations are a highly effective way to work together from a distance. Please contact Dresden directly to inquire about what would best suite your particular needs. If you live in Ventura County, keep an eye out for a future office in the area with monthly acupuncture clinic days.

can acupuncture help me during assisted reproductive therapies?

Studies have shown when acupuncture is integrated into an ART or IVF program there are fewer miscarriages, fewer ectopics, and more pregnancies. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce stress, improve blood flow to the uterus, increase the endometrium lining, and encourage the release of endorphins.