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Traditional Chinese Herbalism is an ancient and profound form of medicine. Predating pharmaceuticals by thousands of years herbal formulas have been used to balance and heal the body. Herbs work synergistically to fit the unique needs of each patient to create effective and effective treatment without unwelcome side effects.

THE HERBAL PACKAGE: This 1-month program begins with a 60-minute virtual meeting with Dresden Holden L.Ac, a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbalist, to discuss your health goals, health history, completed lab reports and current symptoms. Using herbal wisdom and evidence based information, Dresden will create a custom herbal formula and treatment plan including dietary and lifestyle recommendations meant to fit seamlessly with your life and needs. 

The herbal formula will be shipped directly to you within a couple days of our initial consultation. You will also have access to Dresden's personal online supplement dispensary through FullScript where you can order professional-grade supplements and Dresden's preferred brands at a discount. Please note, herbs can be administered in many forms (i.e. herbal decoction, powder formulas similar to a tea, capsules and/or topical creams). Recommendations and preferences will be discussed during the consultation. 

The initial round of herbs will constitute a two-week treatment (if this is needed). Patients then have access to a 45-minute follow-up call to monitor progress and adjust the formula accordingly. A refill of herbs will then be formulated and shipped directly to you to complete the month program.

Length of treatment will depend on your condition, severity and if the ailment is acute or chronic. A projected protocol timeline will be discussed during the initial call. The goal is not to be on herbs for the rest of your life, but rather to take a therapeutic dose to address your needs and restore balance. 

COST: $365 (includes two sessions, herbs and shipping are an additional cost)

HERBAL FOLLOW-UP: 45-minute virtual consultation to discuss ongoing, acute or changing health needs. COST: $150 per session

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For those local to Santa Barbara, CA, we have a full herbal pharmacy at Points of Health ready to support your herbal medicine needs. Click here for inquiries.