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Based in Santa Barbara, California, Dresden Holden L.Ac. provides holistic care for all wanting to optimize health and fertility. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through assisted interventions like intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) I am here to help.

Through the combination of eastern medicine with western science, fertility acupuncture has been shown to help balance hormones, reduce stress, increase circulation to the reproductive organs, support implantation, and balance the immune system. 

Having the support of a fertility acupuncturist can help you understand your cycle and fertility signs, address fertility questions and concerns, read and understand lab-work results, and guide you toward at-home practices that will best support your journey. 


I recommend support as early as possible when it comes to fertility. It takes three months for an egg to mature in the ovary to then be ovulated. The work we do with acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, red LED, near-infrared and/or supplements will go toward supporting the quality of those maturing eggs down the road.

Within that three month time I usually recommend weekly acupuncture appointments supplemented with herbal medicine. The herbs help to support all the same things acupuncture does and continues the care outside the treatment room. Learn more about herbal medicine here.

Even when supporting ART (assisted reproductive technologies i.e. IUI, IVF) the earlier we can support your body by balancing the immune system, supporting the uterine lining and soothing stress the better. Acupuncture can also be quite helpful with some of the uncomfortable side effects associated with reproductive medications as well as assist with implantation on transfer day.

At the Dresden Holden Wellness clinic there is a room available for easy scheduling of pre and post transfer treatments should you want to include this therapy into your IVF protocol. 

I work closely with each patient to support them through their journey by offering guidance with cycle and ovulation tracking using basal body temperature. We will discuss nutrition or movement to optimize fertility. Our bodies are constantly giving us clues into our existing hormone balance and well-being and we can absolutely learn to read the signs to optimize fertility. 


Treatment plans are individualized for each patient and where they are in their cycle or ART cycles. While we will be addressing fertility specifically this care will also address and support your overall well-being. Fertility acupuncture is a very relaxing medicine which can be quite soothing to a fertility journey.

I use acupuncture, moxibustion, red LED photobiomodulation, near infrared therapy and herbal medicine as treatment modalities. Moxibustion (or "moxa" for short) is a warming therapy in Asian medicine that utilizes mugwort to enter our meridian system and warm our body. The same goes for red LED light therapy and near infrared. These have been found to increase circulation to the reproductive organs, improve egg quality, support the uterine lining and reduce inflammation. 


Male patients addressing fertility see great results of sperm quantity and quality with acupuncture and a few supplements and lifestyle recommendations. Acupuncture points on wrists and lower legs are used to balance the system to optimize fertility. Again, a few months is recommended for treatment, however, due to the more straight-forward nature of the male reproductive system treatment is quite often quickly effective. 

Traditional Asian medicine and acupuncture is a beautiful addition to any fertility journey, when it is trying to conceive naturally or with Assisted Reproductive Technologies. A growing amount of medical studies show the effective support this medicine has to offer.  

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dresden holden body wellness, best acupuncturist in santa barbara, women's health, fertility, faborm, iui, ivf, pregnancy support, postpartum, herbs, moxa, pain management, back pain, neck pain

Dresden Holden L.Ac., MAOM

Dresden has personally benefitted from eastern medicine for women's health in regards to having a history of irregular periods, menstrual pain, hormone imbalance, a diagnosis as a teen of PCOS, cystic acne, PMS and body pain. She has been studying the menstrual cycle and the natural family planning method/basal body temperature tracking for eight years. 

She graduated from the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine and is licensed by the state of California Acupuncture Board. 

Dresden is studying to sit for the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) exam. ABORM is an international organization pioneering best practices to bridge Eastern and Western fertility medicine. This requires fluency in western medical diagnoses, treatments, and collaboration with healthcare teams.

Her care focuses on creating an integrative healing experience with a specialization in reproductive health, pregnancy support, and treating infertility.