herbal medicine

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Traditional Asian Herbal Medicine has been used to balance and heal the body for thousands of years.
Herbs are a powerful tool to restore health and can be used to address anything from colds / flus to fertility to pain.
With women's health and fertility, I tend to couple acupuncture with herbal medicine in order to create a well-rounded treatment protocol. Integrative health studies have shown herbs and acupuncture to increase efficacy in fertility treatments and assisted reproductive technologies. We will work together to create a treatment plan that works in conjunction with your lifestyle. 
At our clinic in Santa Barbara, Points of Health, we have the gift of a full herbal pharmacy consisting of raw herbs, capsules, tinctures, powders and supplements to draw from.
For those living outside the Santa Barbara area but want to dive into the world of herbal medicine for health Virtual herbal consultations are available. Click the link to learn more about how we can work together. Please contact me via email if you have any questions, I am happy to talk.