gua sha consultations


crystal and stone gua sha tools facial rollersWere you gifted a beautiful gua sha tool or facial roller because a friend or family member knows you love self-care and thought this would be perfect? And it was! It was perfect for a day or two until you started wondering if you were using this beautiful new gua sha tool right. Maybe you started wondering how to really diminish that furrowed brow line or what to do if you have a break-out. So then it's inevitable, the beautiful new gua sha tool becomes that crystal in the bathroom drawer that stares at you every time you open it. 
Well, what if I told you gua sha and a regular self-care routine do NOT have to be intimidating, daunting nor questionable. They can be in fact quite effective and relaxing. I want you to E N J O Y your routines!
Let's work together over video call for 30 minutes to discuss the power of gua sha and we'll go over a routine that is perfect for YOU! 
Gua sha is a method of gently scraping the surface of the skin and muscles to relieve tension, promote circulation of blood and lymph fluid, increase collagen production and even has an effect to strengthen the immune system. Gua sha has become popularized as an effective facial rejuvenation technique (which I love and do daily!) however, it is also used for common ailments such as neck and shoulder tension, head tension, sore throat, cough, painful or tired eyes, lymphatic drainage, thyroid dis-ease, sore muscles, tendonitis, and anxiety.

At-home body care is balancing to our overall health and longevity and often goes underutilized in our society. I am on a mission to get us talking about self-body-care. 

You can scoot on over the skincare page to purchase gua sha tools and facial rollers we have hand-selected and set up a consultation to make sure you are empowered to use your new tool! 

Schedule your virtual 30 minute consultation here! 

(Gua sha tool and facial roller not included. It is always recommended a high quality facial oil be used as a medium to add slip to any gua sha routine.)