Dresden Holden Wellness is Santa Barbara's center for acupuncture, fertility acupuncture, orthopedic acupuncture and holistic microneedling facial treatments.

Dresden Holden Wellness best acupuncturist in Santa Barbara California for fertility, sports medicine, Procell stem cell facial treatments, microneedling, microchanneling, women's health and hormone balancing, reiki healing, relaxation

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Wow, where do I start! Dresden is a multifaceted, compassionate and knowledgeable healer and I am so grateful for how she has contributed to my health! I work as a nurse in a hospital where it is important for my immunity, energy and stress levels to stay balanced, especially during a pandemic. I had a virtual herbal consultation with Dresden and her recommendations and herbal blends have kept me healthy, energized and vital as I work multiple 12 hours shifts per week. I highly recommend all hospitals workers to schedule a virtual consultation with her. She even dropped the herbs off on my doorstep. I have also received acupuncture, gua sha facial treatments and received a Nine Star Ki reading from Dresden. All were wonderful, relaxing and deeply healing. Dresden is a gift to Santa Barbara and the healing community.

K. H.

I highly recommend working with Dresden. She is personable, intuitive and knowledgable as a healer. She has a solid understanding of acupuncture, herbal medicine and Chinese medicine philosophy for the holistic body. I enjoyed our consultation because she looked at how everything within my body is connected and not separate and that helped me a lot.

M. A.

I can't recommend Dresden Holden Acupuncture enough! During a trip to CA that required a ton of driving, I felt horrible pain in my low back (left over from an old injury) and shoulders. After my acupuncture session, not only was my pain gone, but the anxiety that had accompanied me on my trip was eased. Dresden recommended some great stretches and tips that helped keep me pain-free and a chinese herbal formula for my anxiety and sleep issues. Her warm presence and on-point intuition is reason enough to seek her out! I will definitely be back if I find myself in Santa Barbara again... thank you for saving my trip, Dresden!

J. K.