Dresden Holden Body + Wellness ceramic gua sha tool, white porcelain, flat tool, handmade in california

Ceramic Gua Sha Tools - Cream

Dresden Body + Wellness
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Handmade in Santa Barbara, Ca by Dresden. These ceramic gua sha tools are made of porcelain to create a functional facial rejuvenation tool as well as a stunning piece of art. Pair them with a ceramic gua sha stand to complete your countertop decor. 

These tools and glaze are a subtle cream in color. 

Ceramic gua sha tools are uniquely yours as the clay helps to draw out impurities and cleanse the energy. 

We are exploring using porcelain and other clay bodies for our gua sha tools as it is a renewable resource. Handmade here in California we know the maker and how it was made. This attention and intention produces a product you can feel your best about. 

Each tool measures roughly 4.5"x2" and individual colors and marking may vary. While we use a high degree of quality control, at times the high fire of the kiln can cause porcelain to warp slightly. 

Comes with a protective cotton pouch.