remembering marion woodman: an inspiration and jungian analyst

When Marion Woodman's work came into my life it opened me up to possibilities. I didn't know that's what was going on, but in reflection and with the gift of that concept, I see that. I ate every book she wrote. She found the work of Carl Jung and became a Jungian Analyst that focused much of her work on addictions. She was a depth diver to the max. 

I'm celebrating her life this week. Her life, her work, her courageous dedication to looking inward, to evolving, to creatively sifting through the layers of the soul. This rippled through my life and with it brought richness, depth and tools for healing.

A few years ago her work inspired me to do a 30-day study of my energy field. I just drew what I felt. She was sent a copy. :) Two drawings are below. As I reflect on what I've learned through her writing I'm holding the dance of inspiration and expression with reverence.

The movie made about her life (Dancing in the Flames) used to be available free on the internet. Probably watched it 100 times. I found it so beautiful. (Can quote that movie and Clueless better than any other.) I can't find it anymore, but this is an excerpt from that film. Even a few minutes illustrates the depth of possibility possible.

The relational field of inner selves

The relational field of inner selves


Merge and emerge

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