herbal medicine FAQs

What is chinese herbal medicine?

Traditional Chinese and Asian Medicine have used herbs in their healthcare for thousands of years. There are hundreds of herbs in the Chinese herbal materia medica and hundreds of different formulas. It is customary in TCM herbalism to customize a formula for someone by adding or subtracting certain herbs from a formula. This ensures the root cause or imbalance is addressed. Herbalism is a pillar in asian medicine (as well as global and indigenous medicine) and is used effectively to treat internal medicine and ailments.

How is chinese herbal medicine different from western herbs?

While both use plant medicine to address ailments, chinese herbal medicine uses herbs specific to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Materia Medica. This is a body of work that has been collected and studied for thousands of years. In addition, it is typical in TCM herbalism to use a number of herbs in a single formula (likely upward of six herbs, and often more than ten). In TCM herbology herbs have been studied by learning how they work together synergistically to create a broad reach and increase positive outcomes. It goes beyond, "this herb does this. and this herb does that." When they are formulated and cooked together the medicinal constituents augment the healing power of the herbs. This is why these herbs have been studied for thousands of years and time after time been found effective.

How many sessions will i need?

This depends on the condition, severity and if it is chronic or acute. These variables will always be discussed in the initial session. As a general rule of thumb, acute ailments can be treated with herbs in a week or so. As the condition becomes more chronic the timeline may grow.

what can be treated with herbs?

TCM acupuncture and herbalism are powerful modalities and came from a need to treat everything. This is medicine after all! I encourage you to contact us if you have any specific questions about how TCM herbs can help you. There is a list included on the info page for consultations however, here is an abbreviated list...colds/flus, digestive problems, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, women's health, men's health, fertility, postpartum, urinary disorders, gallstones, kidney stones, skin disorders, pain, allergies, asthma, coughs. The list goes on and on.

Can my friend with the same ailment take my herbs?

Formulas are customized to each patient by taking in to account symptoms and body constitution. What works for one may not work for another, and can be detrimental to treat someone with the wrong herbal formula. It is important to consult with a trained herbalist before taking herbs.

can I take herbs if I am on pharmaceuticals

It is important to bring a medication list with names and dosages to herbal consultations. Formulas will be written accordingly. Please update your practitioner should you have any changes to your prescriptions.

Can I take herbs if I am pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive?

Your herbal formula will be tailored with the proper herbs for whichever stage of life you are in. Herbal medicine can be quite helpful for fertility, pregnancy as well as postpartum recovery.

Are herbs safe?

We use the highest quality of herbs from companies that take pride in sourcing clean herbal products and manufacturing best practices. Adverse reactions are extremely rare in herbal medicine in comparison to western medications making it a safe and effective alternative to restore health. We source herbs from Spring Wind, Evergreen Herbs, Crane Herbs, Kan and Blue Poppy to name a few. All reputable companies that offer the best quality products.