clear quartz gua sha mushroom roller tool
clear quartz gua sha mushroom roller tool
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Quartz Mushroom Gua Sha Tool

Dresden Holden Body + Wellness
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Product Info: 

100% clear quartz crystal

Quartz supports and detoxifies the entire system. Quartz activates our connection to the higher realms elevating our mindset. 

Exact coloring and markings in stone may vary.

Measures 2" x 1" 


How to use: 

Apply facial oil to gently cleansed skin to ensure the gua sha tool and roller move gently and smoothly over the skin. Your purchase will include an instructional card complete with illustrations and directions. For best results do your gua sha and/or rolling routine at least 3 times per week. We recommend daily, either morning or night. Pro tip: use the gua sha tool in the morning to awaken and sculpt, use the roller in the evening to relax. 

Clean your gua sha tool and facial roller with mild soap and water to remove products and oils. Store in a safe place.

What is Facial Rolling?

Facial rolling is a therapy that increases the health of the skin by increasing blood flow. Gua sha and facial rolling address puffiness by supporting the drainage of body and lymph fluids. This leaves the face toned, sculpted and glowing. 


Increased skin circulation to rejuvenate skin and increase collagen production. Sweeping over wrinkles with a gua sha tool and roller helps to break-up bound fascia around muscles and wrinkles approving the appearance of lines and aging. This gentle massage motion also relieves tension and improves mental clarity, eyesight, TMJ pain, headaches, and other ailments. 

Safe for all skin types. If you tend to redden easily consult an acupuncturist or skin professional to discuss options. 

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