skincare + gua sha FAQs

Are your products organic?

Yes, we choose organic and unrefined oils whenever possible. This is always our first choice and most of our ingredients currently fall under this category. We are always looking to source the highest quality oils because we want to feed our skin the best food possible.

What makes your Astragalus oil special?

First and foremost we are herbalists and we know how amazing plant medicine is. When it comes to infusing herbs into oil we wanted to extract as many of the healing constituents from the herbs as possible and put those healing properties back into the oil we'll be putting on our skin. We double extract Astragalus, which is an herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for skin healing for thousands of years. We first gently cook the herbs in water to extract the water soluble constituents. Then we infuse the herbs in oil to draw out the oil preferring constituents. Finally, we put the oil and water together until the water is cooked off, leaving a potently infused Astragalus skin tonic.

what skin type are your products best for?

Each product is different, however, we do suggest to start slow when incorporating a new oil based product line into your routine. Our Blue Tansy Facial Oil is lightweight and fast-absorbing, great for sensitive, mature and combination skin. Our founder created this oil to help balance oil production in her severely acne prone skin. The Astragalus Repair Oil is quite emollient and best for dry, damaged or mature skin. Golden Jojoba Oil is naturally noncomedogenic so it won't clog pores. This oil is great for dry or irritated skin and scalp.

do you have fragrance free products?

Yes, our Astragalus Repair Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil and the Organic Sweet Almond Oil are all essential oil free and unscented. We only use the least amount of essential oils needed to attain our desired botanical effects. The percentage in our Blue Tansy Facial Oil and Angelica Cleansing oil are under 1%. While there is bergamot essential oil in the Angelica Cleansing Oil this product is quickly and thoroughly washed from the skin surface.

What if I break out?

Transitioning to oil based products may require some time for your skin to grow accustomed. We suggest transitioning slowly and using gentle, nontoxic products to give your skin a break during this time. Utilize a gentle cleanser in the evenings to wash away the oils from the day. While organic, unrefined oils are natural for the skin it may take time for your skin to find balance in its oil production and skin cell turnover. In addition, oil based products will not be for everyone. If you have questions about a certain product and if it's right for your skin feel free to drop us a line.

How do I use my gua sha tool?

We feel ya and we are here to help! Gua sha is a gentle scraping/sculpting modality that is highly effective and we are motivated to empower all of our customers! With the purchase of each gua sha stone and roller you will receive an ilustrated instruction card with our favorite facial gua sha routine. We also offer 1-1 Gua Sha consulations for a quick virtual session to address your particular needs. And if you are still looking for some guidance we invite you to find us on Instagram as we have lots of turtorials there, incuding our 21-day Gua Sha challenge. Go check it out!

Should I rinse my face after my gua sha routine?

It is best practice to rinse your skin post gua sha routine as it does stimulate the skin and pores to release impurities. Each person is different, but if you find you are breaking out and believe it is associated with your gua sha routine we suggest a thorough face rinse after your routine.

is this safe to use during pregnancy?

All of our facial and body oils are safe to use during pregnancy. We encourage the use of the Astragalus Repair Oil as it makes the perfect belly balm.

can i get a refill of a product?

Yes, while we may not have all of the available sizes of containers on the website, feel free to drop us a line through email to inquire about a particular sized refill you are looking for. We often have larger sizes available of a product in unlabeled glass bottles.

How do I return an item?

At the moment, due to the size of our company and the nature of our products we cannot accept returns at this time. If you received your items damaged please email us at and we will remedy this situation immediately. We ask that you contact us within 1 week of your order.

Do You Ship Internationally?

At this time we only ship to the United States. However, we are always looking for ways to improve our policies and to connect with our worldwide family.