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Nine Star Ki is a system of astrology that studies an energetic patterning we are born with. Our unique purpose and the way we move through the world can be understood by studying the elements of nature. If we learn about these elements and how they interact within our own compositions and in the compositions of those in our lives we can unlock the harmonious plan. In Chinese Medicine the word for the order of the Universe is the Tao, “the way",” the nature of things. The Way is studied by understanding the cycles of nature and how these elements stay in balance.

A Nine Star Ki consultation will look at the three main elements you were born with. However, it is also important to take into account the transformation of elements over time (water feeds a plant’s roots to become a tree. A tree eventually dies to become wood for a fire. Fire burns down to ash becoming earth, etc).

When I learned about Nine Star Ki it opened up possibilities for my own expression. I was able to learn the qualities of the elements that applied to me and they were shockingly close to my own true expression. Permission was given to be my full expression, no longer tailoring myself to try and fit a mold thrust on to me by society. I also learned how to support myself and my true nature. I know now I need to allow time for solitude and contemplation. I also need to allow time for creative expression, movement, emotional expression. It’s no longer theory, I now understand these parts of my life are essential to thrive. Another example, this year I am in a time of hard work and determination. Yes, I feel that as I am energized to rethink my Traditional Chinese Medicine practice and how it expresses itself. I am trusting the work will adapt though it may require some groundwork. These are just examples from my own life. I can’t express enough how much studying Nine Star Ki and the element theory has enhanced my life and given me a personal map that has calmed my heart.

In times of uncertainty, it is a perfect time to learn about which elements reside in our true nature and how to use these energetic patterns to evolve into the greatest expression of oneself. 

Readings create a template for an individual or team/group of people. My mentor, Michael Becherer, and I have worked with individuals, organizations, and families to map out natural strengths among the members, possible places of weakness and how to tap into each persons natural tendencies to maximize potential.

COST: $125 per session hour long virtual session

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